pic18poor-credit-guarantor-loansThe conversion of savings into investment and consumption is brought into action by the active role played by a financial institution like ours. A financial system gives us the idea of a structure of an economy to mobilize the capital money from the surplus sectors of the system of the economy and invest and distribute the amount to the different needy sectors. The process of this transformation is fed by various types of financial assets suiting the individual needs and demands of both the spenders and investors. The offering of these types of the assets is supported by the financial intermediaries who intermediate between these two segments of spenders and investors. There are many such financial intermediaries in our financial system. They include banks, mutual funds, financial institutions, and many more. We accept deposits from the public and lend it to the needy sector of the society. We are all about accepting deposits, investments and granting loans. We abide by the rules and regulations laid by the central bank authority and fall under their surveillances. We offer guarantor loan.

Financial institutions falling under the central bank supervision are as follows:

Financial institutions like ours are in general developmental in nature. Short term loans involving retail products and advances and long term funds for industries and agricultures are provided by the institution.
NBFCs are allowed to raise money as deposits from the public and lend the money through various instruments including bill discounting, leasing, hire purchase and etc. These are licensed a supervised by the central bank authority.
Commercial banks include banks from both the public and the private sectors. Acceptance of deposits from the public for the purpose of lending or investment is the main area of activity.
Primary dealers deal with government securities and deal in primary as well as secondary markets. The basic responsibility of a PD is to provide markets for government securities and strengthen the government securities market.

Our financial institution mainly deals with retail banking where personal loans, house loans and consumer loans are granted, business loans for small and medium enterprises, and others loans against securities. Retail loan products include the following:

Home loans to residents of our country
Home loans for non resident Indians
Auto loans for the purpose of purchasing a 4 wheeler or a 2 wheeler vehicle.
Consumer loans
Trade related advances to an individual for setting up a business or retail trade, etc.
Personal loans for the purchase of jewelries, and for meeting domestic consumption, etc.
Education loan for pursuing higher education for both in the country and abroad.
Crop loans to agricultural farmers.
Credit card facilities.

We are an authorized deposit taking financial institution. The typical retail products offered by our institution are mentioned below:

Savings deposits accounts
Recurring deposits accounts
Current deposit accounts
Term deposit accounts
Senior citizen deposit accounts
No frill accounts for common man
Zero balance accounts and many more.

Our retail services include the offering of safe deposit lockers, depository services, etc.

Handling financial business and managing finance successfully is no doubt the most needed sector of any business. Keeping this aspect in mind, an array of services and a variety of products are made available to the common people by our financial institution. These products and services are customized so as to meet your cropping up financial needs which can bring a change in the lifestyle at the end of the day.homeimageGuarantor-LoanPoor-Credit-History-Unsecured-Loan